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De-stress and re-energize your mind, body and soul in one of our transformational workshops.

Using a variety of physical, spiritual and natural practices we will help you grow and strengthen your awareness and teach you how to live in harmony and symmetry with yourself and nature.

Relationship Sinergy Workshop

This is a workshop to reconnect you to the people in your life because of worldwide circumstances of the past few years.

This weekend is meant to improve any and all relationships, also the one you have with yourself.

You can bring your mother, your sister, your family, your spouse, your boss or even just yourself. We will also do this workshop for corporates and companies for team building.

The aim of this 3-day workshop is to bring people together, bring cultures together, for a New Respect and understanding of one another.

As a lot of self-work is involved, you will definitely have a different and much better understanding of self and others at the end of the workshop.

You will benefit from this workshop if:

  • you have any relationship problems
  • you need to combine people from different ethnic groups
  • you need to combine people from different backgrounds
  • you need to combine people from different age groups.
We will be doing practical excersises during the workshop on the following :

  • better understanding of self
  • better understanding of others
  • breathing, calming and centering exercises.
  • How to set boundaries without offending any one.
  • And many other tools.
In short: At the end of this 3 days you will go home with a comprehensive list of tools to help you navigate Life.


3 Days Crystal Workshop

Where you can experience the wonders, mysteries and magic of our sacred crystals. Our comprehensive weekend includes a list of essential tools for personal or professional use of crystals.

The crystals course entails over 3 days:

  • the origins,
  • the philosophy,
  • the science,
  • the magic and energy of crystals as the carriers of the sacred rays and geometry of the Divine.

Come and learn comprehensive and in-depth techniques from the quantum to the Shamanic and the many uses of the crystals: Healing, Protection, Ascension, Beauty and general fun and high vibes.

We have over 25 years of practical experience to share with everybody. Come and join us for this fun and enlightening journey through the world of crystals and tap in on your ancient birthright of accessing the magic of Mother Earth.

Please contact us for more information.

Souls on Safari

Introduction workshop for people interested in Spirituality/ Energy Practices.

This workshop aims to bring a greater understanding for you to be able to find a path that is unique to you. The workshop aims to bring tools and knowledge to you to better understand different terms and practices in the modern spiritual Awakening.

3 Day Workshop:

  • Day 1Intro to Chakras and dandions, yoga and Chi gung
  • Day 2Breathing techniques, Meditation and contemplation practices
  • Day 3 – Sound, colour, vibration. 

This is just to wet your appetite and nurture your soul for further spiritual development and exploration.

Please contact us for more information.

Many other workshops launching soon


In the Western Cape – Wellington/Bainskloof Area.

We do an easy morning hike on a beautiful wine farm with lots of natural fynbos, stunning scenery, etc with some Chi-Gung included. Light snacks will be provided, and a meal afterwards.

Numerous hikes launching in the Bainskloof area, to be announced as soon as Bainskloof is open to the public again after extensive roadworks in the area.

Over the last 2 years, we have done approximately 70 workshops on various subjects, ranging from health to advanced spiritual practices.

Frequently Asked Questions


Pricing and Registration

Use our convenient online contact form or email us on for pricing and booking information.

I’m a beginner, can I book?

Beginners and all other levels are welcome!

If you are new to meditation and spiritual practices and would like more information or a private introductory session, please contact us on

Who is this for?

Our safaris are ideal for anyone ready to take the next step on their spiritual journey. Please note that our workshops include some physical exertion like yoga and chi-gung.

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