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A Little About Me

I have been a practitioner for many years (23) in a wide range of esoteric, metaphysical and the health industry practices, and have traveled and plied my trade internationally as a healer, shaman, herbalist and teacher.

I am a medium and psychic, descendant from a family and background of psychics and mediums, so I have always practiced and used my talents and skills – from what I can remember, anyway.

I have a personal preference for all shamanic and nature-based practices, ranging from Kabbalah to Taoism and Eastern practices, Runes, and a host of others. So join me on this page for more.

My Services

I offer workshops, lectures, talks, retreats, mystical, soul, ESP, magic, runes, kabala and more…

Please contact me for personal rates and more information.


Dual polarity healing, Chi Kung, Kabbalistic, Runic, Angelic, Acupressure and distance healing.



Godforms, Angelic, Shamanic, Personal (Self aspects), Way Showing. (No personal ancestors)


Kabbalistic, Runic, Eastern Mystical, Shamanic, customised personal meditation.

Circle of the Elders

Channeling and advice from the Elder circle, Ascendant Masters, and Higher forces, on personal, magical and mystical problems and questions.

Open your mind

Let me guide you on your spiritual journey.


Soul Safaris

De-stress and re-energize your mind, body and soul on one of our transformational soul safaris.

1 Day Retreat

Revolving locations in nature to de-stress and re-energize body, mind and soul. We do this through meditation, Chi Gung, fun and adventure.

3 Day Retreat

The ideal package for a brief soul recharge with lectures, meditation, Chi Gung, Yoga and fun in Nature to re-establish the harmony and symbioses of the deepest fibers of Soul and Spirit.

9 Day Great Escape

Nine Days with three awesome locations in South Africa’s KZN region. Get ready for a great variety of different terrains such as grasslands, mountains, bush, beach and riverine forests.

Spiritual Blog

A collection of inspirational and spiritually educational blogs to help you on your journey.

Circle of the Ancients

Channeling messages from the Ascendant Masters, Angels and Guides.

Magic, Mysticism & Healing

A Blog dedicated to living, exploring and being spiritually aware in today’s modern world through symbioses of energy, thought and feeling.

Runes Meaning

Messages and knowledge from the Assa and Vanna.

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