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Living in harmony and symmetry with yourself and nature.

About Me

I am Nita Blum and first became interested in Energy when I started doing Reiki about 20 years ago. I soon did Quantum Touch and Chi-Gung as well in order to learn more about feeling, seeing and healing with Energy.

I started meditating at about this time too, and it became part of my spiritual journey, I am a goldsmith by trade and have always been inspired by nature.

By combining the symmetries of sacred geometry, color, crystals and gold, I made some sacred geometry jewelry and was astonished by how well it worked for me and other people.

About three years ago I started building simple and gradually more complex sacred geometry circles for a stronger meditational experience. In the past year we lived in a Nature Reserve, surrounded by mountains, crystals, plants and last but not the least the animals. We had many beautiful and some sad experiences in nature.

During the course of the year, I build several sacred geometry circles from crystals that I picked up there and learned about the energy and structure that the crystals provide. Through the T.R.E.E. Project, I would like to teach people to live in harmony and symmetry with themselves and nature.

About Sacred Geometry

Sacred geometry has been known to man for many centuries. Early painters and artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, and Micheal Angelo used sacred geometry designs in their paintings and understood the use of sacred dimensions.

In earliest churches and religious temples one can find the flower of life pattern, which is like a blueprint or template for the Earth and its creatures. Indeed, the word geometry literally means earth measurement as derived from ancient Greece.

All of creation is sacred geometry, we have but to look for it to find it. The water that we drink is hexagonal in shape, and natural snowflakes make beautiful sacred geometry crystals. Our very cells are hexagonal in design, as we are mostly water.


In nature many designs like the spiral, the vesica piscis, the circle naturally occur. Sacred geometry is often a combination of all of the above, placed in mathematically precise dimensions by nature in order to create perfection.

The Fibonacci sequence, which goes hand in hand part of sacred geometry, can be understood when studying the nautilus shell, the spiraling of a fern leaf as it unfolds, or even in the dimensions of the human body.  Even the rotation of planets create beautiful scared geometry pattern! Which is why it is also a powerful tool to use for self growth and empowerment.

Sacred Geometry Jewelry

Beautiful jewelry inspired by nature, designed for spiritual and aesthetic purposes and worn with intention. Each piece is crafted to facilitate healing, balance and to enhance your connections to mind, body and spirit.

I design pieces according to your needs and with the gemstones that you prefer.

Nature Blog

I often walk in Nature and like observing nature and taking pictures. I post pictures and descriptions of the beach, forest or bush walks with animals, birds, flowers and other nuture pictures.

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