What We Do

We work with Nature, Crystals, The Earth, Elementals, Animals, Angelic Kingdom and Ascendant Masters to facilitate healing expansion and Oneness for All on Earth.

We reach out and share what we believe to be Divinely inspired insights about sacred geometry, as it is a language that unifies you with the Universe, the Multiverse and Beyond. (The true symbiosis) Sacred Geometry is manifest in our reality, as Nature in all its diverse and wondrous forms. We train you through meditation, movement, Chi Gung, education and generous wholesome fun in Nature.


Spiritual Teachings

Morné is a medium, psychic, shaman, herbalist and teacher who has 23 years of experience in a wide range of esoteric, metaphysical, and health industry practices.

Open your mind and expand your inner and spiritual awareness.

Sacred Geometry

Nita has 20 years experience seeking, accessing and healing with Energy.

Experience energy through sacred geometry and learn to live in harmony and symmetry with yourself and nature.

Custom Jewelry

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind custom design, something for that special occasion, or a unique piece designed according to sacred geometry?

Nita designs jewelry according to your needs and with the gemstones that you prefer.


De-stress and re-energize your mind, body and soul in one of our transformational workshops.

Relationship Sinergy Workshop

This is a workshop to reconnect you to the people in your life because of worldwide circumstances of the past few years.

3 Days Crystal Workshop

Where you can experience the wonders, mysteries and magic of our sacred crystals.

Souls on Safari

Introduction workshop for people interested in Spirituality/ Energy Practices. This workshop aims to bring a greater understanding for you to be able to find a path that is unique to you.

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