Tree Safaris

Symbiosis, synergy, and balance of nature and man.

Who We Are

We at TREE Safaris believe in the symbiosis, synergy, and balance of nature and man. Thus, our tours, retreats, workshops and other services are centered around the meditative, healing and soul- / self-growth.

We at TREE Safaris have embraced the symbol of the tree, as it has significance from our primal and primitive past to our present-day, and is represented by the world tree symbol in many ancient spiritual and soul practices. Thus we bring you tours and adventures in nature, that your soul may soar to new heights of rapture among the oldest of our protectors, teachers and providers: the trees, rivers, mountains and beaches of our planet.

Our workshops and retreats are magically woven into the tours and adventures, so that our clients get the Totally∙Real∙Energy∙Exchange (TREE) experience. We use grounded and deeply rooted practices to present the most balanced and non-dogmatic growth opportunities.

We do workshops at spiritual retreats, like Highcroft Retreat & Lodge, and one-on-one sessions by appointment only. For pricing and available dates, please contact us.

Morne & Nita

What We Do

We work with Nature, Crystals, The Earth, Elementals, Animals, Angelic Kingdom and Ascendant Masters to facilitate Healing, Expansion and Oneness for All on Earth.

We reach out and share what we believe to be Divinely inspired insights about sacred geometry, as it is a language that unifies you with the Universe, the Multiverse and Beyond. (The true symbiosis) Sacred Geometry is manifest in our reality, as Nature in all its diverse and wondrous forms. We train you through meditation, movement, Chi Gung, education and generous wholesome fun in Nature.


Spiritual Teachings

Morné is a medium, psychic, shaman, herbalist and teacher, who has more than 23 years of experience in a wide range of esoteric, metaphysical and health industry practices.

Open your mind and expand your inner and spiritual awareness.

Sacred Geometry

Nita has more than 20 years experience seeking, accessing and healing with Energy.

Experience energy through sacred geometry and learn to live in harmony and symmetry with yourself and nature.

Soul Safaris

De-stress and re-energize your mind, body and soul on one of our transformational soul safaris.

1 Day Retreat

Revolving locations in nature to de-stress and re-energize body, mind and soul. We do this through meditation, Chi Gung, fun and adventure.

3 Day Retreat

The ideal package for a brief soul recharge with lectures, meditation, Chi Gung, Yoga and fun in Nature, to re-establish the harmony and symbiosis of the deepest fibers of Soul and Spirit.

9 Day Great Escape

Nine Days at three awesome locations in South Africa’s KZN region. Get ready for a great variety of different terrains such as grasslands, mountains, bush, beach and riverine forests.

Custom Jewelry

Are you looking for a one-of-a-kind custom design, something for that special occasion or a unique piece designed according to sacred geometry?

Nita designs bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, brooches and amulets according to your needs with the gemstones that you prefer.


Catalogue Jewelry

Make a statement with one of our elegant earring designs. We do customisation and accept bulk orders, depending on the complexity and volume you want.

Silver-plated and Freshwater Pearl Earrings
Mother of Pearl with 9ct Gold Earrings
Mother of Pearl & Pearl with Silver-plated Metal Earrings
Rose Quartz with Sterling Silver Earrings
Peach Coloured Freshwater Pearls Silver-plated Earrings
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